Desalination for less than 50% of the production costs of the next best solution

Telesis is a Game-Changer for Desalination

Significantly contributing to 11 OF the 17 UNited Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

20 - Desalination process improvements & economies

1. Increased resilience and production time.
Impervious to shut-down

2. ~ 50% less land utilised

3. ≥30% less energy

4. Part of multi-utility production ∴ efficiency increase via economies of scale

5. Constant temperature of TELESIS feed-source assists efficiency and yield

6. Fewer consumables (e.g. Biocides, procurement, storage, handling eliminated.

7. Significantly reduced inventory of equipment that needs to be procured.

8. CO2 emissions reduced by 30%

9. Optimum uptime and avoidance of PENALTIES AND FINES

10. Potential for commercialised minerals recovery from ‘Chemicals-free’ brine

11. The need for entrained biomass removal is redundant.

12. Brine management simplified, whereas; this can represent up to 33% of a plant’s Op’s cost

13. Simplified operations and production processes requiring less labour attendance

14. Significantly reduced inventory of equipment that needs to be maintained

15. Reduced cleaning and increased life of membranes

16. Life-cycle increase [intake lasts 100’s of years] results in reduced amortisation.

17. Increased yield, larger product water quantity for sale.

18. Part of multi-utility production ∴ reduced Capex, payback ~ 2- 5 years.

19. Zero environmental impact compensation, reduced Permit application costs.

20. Life-cycle increase [intake lasts 100’s of years] results in reduced depreciation.

Telesis Advantages

one of the key advantages of the water telesis aquires from the subsurface is that it is naturally pretreated to the extent that many desalination processes are simply unnecessary.


TELESIS is a game-changer. Desalination production costs are more than 50% lower than the next best available option with no capex premium.


Environmentally benign. Minimal use of natural resources. Minimal carbon footprint. no chemicals required with telesis desalination (no toxic, carcinogenic effluent)


Telesis is an affordable, secure supply of water that can fill the supply and demand gap such that we can desist from the depletion of aquifers, rivers, lakes and wetlands. in doing so, Telesis provides the opportunity for eco-system recovery. the telesis water can also be used in carbon capture horticulture and can contribute to "greening the planet". in the case of the latter this could be an entirely natural consequence of leaving nature's water share undisturbed and also through agriculture. 

In an age of diminishing natural resources Telesis is an environmentally harmless way to tap into a virtually inexhaustable source of water.

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